Plant a tree

From tiny acorns does a forest grow . . 

From tiny acorns, to conkers to chestnuts, beech and pines, we have a special selection of seeds to choose from to include in your unique keepsake gift box from Three Kings, be it for a family member, friend, work colleague or loved one.
Your unique bespoke keepsake gift box will include your choice of tree seed that can be planted and started off on your windowsill in the beautifully chosen clay pot included.  The laminated diagram will show the best month to plant  for the seed variety chosen, and illustrating the growing stages of your seedlings and the best times to plant out in your garden once established.
From children having fun at xmas planting their pine seeds, to friends, aunties, uncles and parents nurturing little acorns, to Valentines and flowering cherries, there is something for each of those special occasions in life that will bring such enjoyment and pleasure to all ages.
In addition to all our native favourites listed, we have added a carefully chosen selection of ‘not often come across’ tree seeds which we hope you will be both surprised and delighted by, like our sacred Fig/Bo tree seeds, our Bhutan Cypress seeds and our Quince fruit tree seeds, to name but a few.
For those interested or inquisitive in the history, folklore, myths and legends associated with your chosen purchase, we have a page dedicated to some fascinating tidbits, giving a wonderful glimpse into the history and very special meanings and stories our ancestors have attributed to certain trees.
From all the small team here in Monmouthshire, we thank you for choosing this gift of nature and wish you many happy years admiring the beauty and watching the miracle of your gift take root and grow.